The team.


The services.


The man

behind it all.

That’s right—it’s me. You get me handling it all. And clients say that’s a pretty good thing.




Waddell Creative is a solo design shop, run by me, Greg Waddell.

Sure, I have 15+ years of experience working with big companies—but my true passion lies in helping smaller, more nimble, more passionate companies/lifestyle brands make big impressions. See, you have something big in common with the Goliaths. You’ve got to make a profit.


But you’ve got an incredible edge: your business makes you want to hop out of bed in the morning. So does mine! Bring your goals, dreams, and even your limitations.


It’s time to

build your brand.

Because I’m surrounded by talented pros, everything you need will be handled for you, professionally.


From websites to brochures to social media, expert big and beautiful results.



Your ideal clients have discerning taste. I do, too!

Your ideal clients have discerning taste. I do, too!

Waddell Creative is a solo design shop, run by me, Greg Waddell.

Waddell Creative offers specialized marketing support for lifestyle brands. If your product or service enhances your customers’ lives in a positive way, and you need to engage your customer on an emotional level—you’re covered.


My sweet spot is working with lifestyle businesses that have no marketing department or a very limited one. Know you need to market, but not sure how—or just don’t have the time? That’s two things I’ve got plenty of—time and know-how. With a wide range of experience with different brand types, your brand vision will be developed quickly and accurately, and a plan will be created to get you results.


The end result of working together: a thriving brand.

When your brand presence is firmly in place (website humming, phone ringing, loyal customers) you will breathe-easy knowing your marketing is working hard for you—and you’ll have more time and flexibility to do what you do best—run your business!




The end result of working together: a thriving brand.

Each team is customized for you, by me.

Another benefit of 15+ years in this business is my awesome Rolodex. From photographers and copywriters to web developers, illustrators and videographers—I pull in gifted experts in their fields depending on your project. Hand-picked teams don’t only give you the best results—they’re also affordable for you. No pricey agency overhead here.


But don’t worry—you only deal with me.

I know you’re busy and that’s why I pick, manage and oversee the creative team for you. Your point of contact is me. And there’s only one person to choke if it goes wrong. (It hasn’t happened yet—and I’m excited to keep my record of success going strong! The truth is, I don’t stop until you’re majorly happy.)





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Why is Waddell Creative unique?

You’ve got choices when it comes to choosing a design partner.

In addition to my values, you’ll find me unique to work with because:

Pants-on-fire is not my style.

The vibe at Waddell Creative is organized, yet easygoing. With a sane, non-emergency driven process, I run a business where measured and deliberate decisions—executed against a plan—make for winning results. Of course I leave room for the unexpected, because that is what life often deals us all. But, these are outliers. There’s a calmness to my method. When things are rushed, the product is just okay. And I don’t do “just okay.”


Limitations are where creativity really flowers.

Even the biggest companies have a common goal with small companies: at the end of day—everyone is trying to make a profit. But over the years, I was surprised to learn that even the biggest companies don’t necessarily have the biggest budgets. Dreamy/lofty budgets aren’t always reality. Every company has certain limitations. But don’t worry. That’s where creativity really flowers!


Passion + passion = success.

Like me, my ideal client is doing the work that they love. They’re passionate about their product or service and its impact or improving lives. If you have a great product or service—and want a partner who will take it as seriously as you do, I’m your guy.



Helping you identify your goals and succeed brings me great joy.


As a matter of fact, I thrive on it.

Hi, I am Greg Waddell

Word on the street is that I’m pretty decent at getting brand messages out. With more than 15 years of marketing and visual design experience, I bring a wealth of lifestyle brand experience that straddles strategy and implementation. With years of delivering successful projects to top tier Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller, more nimble brands, excellence is the sandbox I like to play in. And I even share my sand toys.

My life has been entrenched with art, design and travel. After earning a bachelor’s degree in art history from Emory University, and doing masters level work in architecture at Tulane University, I traveled the world for work and for leisure. To Waddell Creative, I bring a unique, seasoned perspective and an open-minded, creative outlook.

I pride myself in:

• being easy to work with

• treating my clients with respect

• finding creative solutions

• being the kind of partner I’d like to have

I believe in:

• a positive outlook

• acknowledging the facts and trusting my gut

• organization as the key to efficiency

• asking questions before seeking solutions

• having fun along the way

I’ve been told that I:

• have a calming affect

• make clients comfortable

• make a mean roast turkey






That’s enough about me. Let’s talk about you.



Your business is as serious as a


Yet you have an extra advantage…


You are truly passionate about what you do. Your brand is dedicated to enhancing the life experience of your customers. Your clients have discernible taste and an eye for quality. And you’re driven towards success. Now that is a recipe for greatness!


Is your answer “Yes”?


• Not enough hours in the day—but you never give up?

• Want to communicate powerfully with your existing clients and attract new ones?

• Need a professional, experienced partner?

• Love your business, but don’t quite feel the same about your marketing?

• Does implementing a marketing strategy seem daunting?


Then my answer is “Yes—I can help you!”


Whether you’re established (already have a direction, but need help with implementation), or you’re not sure where to begin—I’ll get inside your business, help you create and follow a plan that magnifies the excellence that you’ve worked so hard to develop.


I know your business makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning—but does your marketing?


Let’s make sure it does.


Organization = the route to excellence.

From in-house at an agency to in-charge at my solo shop, a lot of things have carried over—none more so than a super-organized process. I’m a big fan of keeping our work together organized. It’s how I ensure that your needs and goals are being met. When we work together, this is what you can expect:


1. Start! An initial one-hour consultation helps us determine what your current situation is, the customer you are trying to attract, and how I can help. We take a hard look to see if this is a good fit, identify needs, and assess the relevant services. We determine the scope, schedule and level of investment for the project.


2. Tailored solution. A Waddell Creative Package that best suits your needs is selected. Or a tailor-made solution is prepared and presented. I select a specialized team of experts from my network of freelance wizards to ensure you have the best team.


3. In writing. Next the proposal is presented so everyone is comfortable. The custom road map of project milestones is developed and agreed upon. A fee schedule is agreed upon and an initial payment is then secured along with a signed agreement.


4. Work Begins! A kick-off meeting firmly identifies needs, goals and direction. This might include a workshop comprised of me and stakeholders at your shop. The results of the workshop might be a clearly defined brand direction, audience identification, or a year-long tactical plan.


5. Work Continues… With the results from the kick off meeting, studio work begins. Carefully and calmly, we communicate along the way at key points from lift off to landing.


6. Reveal. A presentation of design ideas or product is revealed and comments and suggestions are taken and clarified.


7. Rinse and Repeat. Changes are implemented from the Presentation Meeting and then presented again. This process may take as many rounds as needed until we get it right. Usually this happens within three rounds.


8. Launch. Depending on the type of project, we may launch a website or send working files to a production house for printing. Either way, Waddell Creative will handle all the details. Setting up hosting or talking with printers, we speak many languages so you don’t have to.


9. Thrive! Nope, you’re not getting rid of me. In fact, I make it a habit of checking back with you after the project is complete to see how things are going. Seeing your brand thrive is what keeps me going—and getting feedback is a great way to keep getting better.


Ready to take the organized route to excellence? Let’s talk.


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